Sex addiction

 The blood of Mahmoud Al-Banna, that young man who claimed the victim of his magnanimity in confronting the incident of harassment of a girl in his town, has not yet dried, and before him a lot of blood was shed in such incidents. It is not unlikely that the harasser will turn into a murderer like any addict. Yes, we are facing another type of addiction called “ Sex addiction.”

Sex addiction may seem easy compared to other types of addiction that the addicted person can get rid of but he cannot get rid of it alone, but its danger lies in the fact that it is an abnormal sexual behavior, which has multiple harmful effects on the person suffering from it and on those around him, in addition to being a secret activity that is difficult to acknowledge, and it can We distinguish two types of behavior in this context

Consensual relationships or addiction to masturbation *
Behaviors that are annoying to others, such as harassment, rape, and everything that involves harm or damage to others *
Says Poll Conducted by the United Nations, 99.3% of Egyptian women have been exposed to some form of harassment and that 91% do not feel safe on the streets as a result, which reflects that the “sex addict” is more present and therefore more dangerous than the “drug addict.”

What is sex addiction?

Simply put, it is the control of sexual behavior and thoughts over a person, which leads to excessive sex, masturbation, and watching pornographic films.

But is sex addiction a real disease?

Many professionals consider it a disease because it causes psychological and physical damage just like other addictions

Symptoms of sex addiction

Excessive sexual behavior, whether by natural means or by masturbation*
 Addiction to watching pornographic films*
Searching for multiple relationships with new partners*
 Marital infidelity*
 Collapse of emotional and marital relationships*
Urgent burning of imagination about sexual matters*
Sex is a top priority*
 Recurring feelings of guilt after having promiscuous sex, masturbation, or watching pornographic films*
 Poor concentration and negative impact on academic and work life*

Causes of sex addiction

Sexual repression*
Weak family control over adolescents*
The pornographic sites provided by technology*
Psychological pressures and difficulties in marriage*

Reasons for addiction to porn sites

The most important reason is curiosity and the desire to know everything about sex. It is also a source of sexual relief as it leads to masturbation, which in turn may be the result of not feeling sexually satisfied.

Methods of Treatment

1. Treatment centers

These centers rely on isolating the patient for a specific period to help him avoid sexual triggers and triggers, while undergoing treatment sessions.

2. Rehabilitation programs

The patient undergoes a rehabilitation program through group meetings with other patients, in which they are encouraged by specialists to refrain from inappropriate sexual behaviors.

3. Treatment with medications

Sex addiction sometimes causes depression or some psychological illness, which requires treatment with medications, such as antidepressants, which reduce sexual desire and are a final solution to treating addiction.

Hayati Women's Psychiatry Center provides a specialized service for treating addiction in all its forms, through senior consultants in the field of psychiatry and addiction treatment, while providing medical and psychological support in cases of sexual and psychological deviations in teenage girls.