sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment There is not enough space for a detailed explanation of the meaning of the word harassment from a linguistic standpoint, but we will summarize the definitions based on some examples from linguistic dictionaries, such as the Lisan al-Arab dictionary by Ibn Manzur: : Harsh: Harsh and harassment: Your temptation of a man or a lion to fall by his horn. And he harassed them: he corrupted and tempted some of them against others. Al-Jawhari said: Harassment is temptation among people and also among dogs. In the hadith: It is forbidden to harass animals, which is enticing and arousing some of them against each other, as is done between camels, rams, roosters, and others. Among them is the hadith: Satan has despaired of being worshiped in the Arabian Peninsula, but in persecuting them, that is, in inciting them to temptations and wars

Sexual harassment legally

What is sexual harassment? It is every act that offends modesty and reaches the body of the victim and is of a degree of obscenity to the point of touching the victim’s private parts, which no effort is spared in protecting and concealing from people. The term sexual harassment first appeared in the mid-1970s, and France was one of the first countries to criminalize sexual harassment by text. The French law of 1992 put it side by side with rape and sexual assault accompanied by violence. It is used to express one of the forms of violence against women, which is sexual violence. Since that time, interest in it has begun as a term that is often linked to its linguistic meaning because it indicates seduction, arousal, friction, self-evasion, and emotion. The instinct is the one who tries to arouse the emotions of the other party and arouse his feelings and sexual instincts, through verbal and non-verbal communication mechanisms and means, such as using a pornographic dictionary or showing the victim sexual scenes to arouse his instincts, and he may use modern means of communication for this, as it is behavior that includes direct or implicit sexual suggestions aimed at Entrapping the other party, whether male or female, against his will, into a sexual act.
Article 306 bis (a) of the Penal Code stipulates: “The penalty shall be imprisonment for a period of not less than six months and a fine of not less than three thousand pounds and not more than five thousand pounds.” Or one of these two punishments: anyone who assaults others in a public, private, or frequented place by saying sexual or pornographic things, suggestions, or insinuations, whether by gesture, word, or deed, by any means, including wired or wireless means of communications.”
The penalty shall be imprisonment for a period not exceeding 30 years. Less than one year and a fine of not less than five thousand pounds and not more than ten thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties if the perpetrator repeats the act through prosecution and tracking of the victim. In the event of recidivism, the prison sentences and the fine shall be doubled in their minimum and maximum limits.
While Article 306 bis (b) stipulates: “It is considered sexual harassment if the crime stipulated in Article 306 bis (a) of this law is committed with the intention of obtaining possession of the perpetrator from the victim.” For a benefit of a sexual nature, the offender shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of no less than one year and a fine of no less than ten thousand pounds and no more than twenty thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties.” If the perpetrator was one of those stipulated in the second paragraph of Article (267) of this law, or he had job, family, or educational authority over the victim, or he exerted any pressure on him that the circumstances allowed him to exert on him, or the crime was committed by two or more people, or at least one of them was Whoever carries a weapon shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of not less than two years and not exceeding five years and a fine of not less than twenty thousand pounds and not more than fifty thousand pounds.

The impact of harassment on the victim

It is an insult to dignity and a violation of personal freedom and the security and safety of the individual.
For the victim’s surrounding environment to turn into a hostile and offensive environment for him and his dignity, even if the aggressor does not intend to intimidate, humiliate or intimidate, even if the purpose is specific to discharging a sexual charge.
This is a loss of self-confidence. Lack of self-esteem and loss of trust in others*
Having to change lifestyle, place of residence, or place of work*
If the workplace is the source of harassment from a colleague or business owner, this may sometimes lead to loss of job, and thus loss of income
Falling victim to anxiety, stress, sleep and eating disorders, and psychological imbalance*

Treating the effects of sexual harassment psychologically

When women are exposed to an incident of harassment, they have a desire to separate from this event, put it out of memory, and try to forget it completely, and despite the failure of their efforts to escape from it psychologically,
therefore, they must follow the following steps to treat the incident of sexual harassment psychologically.

Consult trustworthy people

You must tell your story to those close to you who reassure your heart, and those who understand the problem. Sharing the problem with others you reassure, and feeling the presence of someone who shares your stress and pain, will greatly help in recovery, and you must choose well those close to you who will surround you by taking care of you and sharing your anxiety. And your pain.

Regain self-confidence

Realizing that mental illness, like all illnesses, is transient and may pass through a person, and that it is a cause that may disrupt your life, so you must be careful to treat it, and that mental illness is definitely not a mental disorder, so you must regain self-confidence, especially since one of the effects of harassment is that a group of symptoms of anxiety appear. And fear, stress and depression

Psychological assistance

Going to one of the medical centers in the field of psychological diseases, such as the Hayati Women's Psychiatry Center in Alexandria where the girl undergoes Or a woman who suffers from “post-traumatic stress disorder” needs two types of treatment: The first is drug therapy, which is concerned with removing the effects of anxiety, tension, fear, and lack of sleep. The second is participation in psychological and group therapy sessions. It is best for these two types to be applied side by side in the treatment stages.