Desire, curiosity, and the love of imitating others are among the most important reasons why girls and women take up smoking 

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a substance found in the tobacco plant that has both a stimulating and relaxing effect. The substance is transmitted within seconds to the brain when inhaled, which causes a feeling of comfort and a reduction in stress levels. Nicotine works to adjust the mood while increasing the speed of the heartbeat. This feeling is temporary. After the substance withdraws from the body, the desire to smoke a new cigarette increases, thus creating a vicious cycle of repetition and addiction. Some reports indicate that senior doctors in the United States consider nicotine to be an addictive substance to the same extent as heroin and cocaine.

The phenomenon of smoking addiction is considered one of the most widespread social phenomena in countries, and gradually it has become not limited to men only, but also includes women, as cafes are not devoid of girls smoking shisha cigarettes (hookah).

This phenomenon attracts many women with a strong desire to try to imitate other women or to experiment in a bold way until they become captive to this habit, after thinking that it is an escape from problems and a relief from psychological tension. In fact, there is no way out of it except that they are just illusions and only increase the problems. This becomes more complicated, and she has added a new one to her worries, which is smoking addiction

Reasons why women and girls become addicted to smoking

Because of a parent's smoking*
Because of a parent's smoking*
Curiosity or desire to experiment and imitate*
 Because of bad friends and bad company that lures you towards that habit  
Listening to the  deceptive belief about the relaxation and serenity that smoking brings Mind and others*
Escape from reality*
Simulation and imitation*
 Provides psychological and family pressures*
  Frequenting private parties for some friends, accompanied by some types of entertainment for fun, including cigarettes and alcohol, as well as some types of drugs, is a continuous chain. Of the psychological deviations that lead to the sources of destruction
Specialists agree that experience and curiosity are among the most important reasons that lead girls to become addicted to smoking, and they find that the biggest problem lies in the fact that the beginning of the slide down the path of drug addiction is just a cigarette, and that is the most dangerous when a girl or woman turns from being a mere smoker... to Addicted to drugs, fun entertainment

Harmful effects of smoking

 The effect of smoking on the respiratory system*

When a smoker lights his cigarette, he inhales extremely harmful substances that enter the lungs directly, and over time they may harm and affect the lungs, and complications appear in the smoker’s lungs br>: The most important of which is
edema of the lungs: due to hyperinflation of the air cavities (alveoli) in the lungs*
chronic bronchitis*
increased risk of lung cancer*
Due to the many harms of smoking, it is necessary for the smoker to quit smoking.
Quiting smoking can cause temporary congestion and a lack of comfort in the respiratory system
The same applies to the lungs and bronchitis, and this indicates the beginning of recovery.
br>Increased mucus secretion immediately after quitting smoking is a positive sign that your respiratory system has begun to recover.
The harm of smoking and its effect on the heart and blood vessels
Smoking significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, including: These are:
– Coronary artery disease and heart attacks
– Stroke
– Peripheral artery disease (Peripheral artery disease), such as constriction of the arteries in the legs, making them painful when walking
Aortic aneurysm (macula Weakness in the aorta, the main blood vessel that supplies blood to the body, which can burst and cause life-threatening bleeding).

Risks for women who smoke

Women who smoke cigarettes are more likely to develop lung cancer than men of the same age with a similar history of smoking. Also, women who have never smoked are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer than their male counterparts. This disease is the main cause of cancer deaths among women, claiming more lives than breast, uterine, and cervical cancers.

Pregnancy and smoking

The relationship between pregnancy and smoking is completely opposite. Smoking affects pregnancy negatively: smoking may make pregnancy difficult for some women, and smoking may also make some women more vulnerable to miscarriage than others. Smoking can have a negative effect on the placenta, which is the source of food and oxygen for the fetus. Smoking may cause the placenta to separate from the uterus too early, causing bleeding. Smoking during pregnancy may cause the newborn to lose weight and make him more susceptible to disease. Smoking during pregnancy may cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and the appearance of some birth defects such as cleft lip.