Group treatment for eating disorders

The idea of a diet for most people is to test a suitable diet and actually implement it. The person becomes excited and negative thoughts begin to dominate the thinking, for example, “I am deprived of the things I love,” “I cannot resist,” and these thoughts turn into eagerness and end with the person returning to the same old eating habits. To lose weight permanently, you need cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to develop the strength of the resistance muscles, which is a muscle that helps with firmness and stability to complete the program and help you lose weight. We will help you discover the extent to which your thoughts affect the corruption or imbalance in your diet and how to deal with these thoughts. The intensive CBT Weight Loss program helps mostly with ideas and also helps to: Satisfy your hunger while losing weight steadily. How to maintain your determination to achieve your goals. Build confidence in your ability to follow the diet. A sense of control over various stimuli and the most difficult circumstances