Group therapy for psychological support for women

Our group therapy group cares for women who have experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse during their lives. The abuse they were exposed to from the people closest to them or from strangers constitute a permanent barrier in dealing with life, femininity, the body, and a constant feeling of inadequacy, fear, disgrace, and disgrace.

-I don't know how to start a relationship with any man because I'm afraid he will look like my father. -I see and hear everything, but I don't feel anything. - I don’t feel feminine and I hate my body. -I treat the world from behind a glass pane, and every time I know someone, they hurt me. Treatment takes place in an atmosphere of understanding, safety, and distance from moral and religious judgments. You are able to relieve these feelings and return to your normal life that you deserve after recovering from the effects of trauma and learning new skills to deal effectively with life. -Is there a feeling of confusion in relationships and this feeling always causes you a crisis in learning? -Does this feeling make you love the person very much or hate him without impartiality? -You often lose control of your problems and the losses are huge? -Have you ever thought about or actually tried to hurt yourself before? It will also help you deal with adversity and difficult situations wisely.

One of your most important skills that helps you develop is mindfulness skills and how to be able to live with time as it comes and enjoy every moment as it is. This helps you achieve relief from stress and control your life more consciously.